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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Got Volunteers?

I believe volunteers play a huge part in all your success. These are people who are there to help you because they have a servants  heart.  You really need to take advantage of these wonderful people and use them wisely.  We have several volunteers at Christian Care and each one suits each project or event differently.  For example;  We have a young man that is full of energy and spunk, so we put him on activities and games.  I have another lady that is huge into detail and very intricate, so I put her in charge of very large and organized projects.  We also have many residents who volunteer.  We have them do many in house jobs such as gift shop, package delivery, working front desk, serving in our cafe and heading up weekend events. 

I just love volunteers... I used to be one!  I started at Christian Care by being a volunteer.  I served here for three years before decideing to officially join their team. 

Volunteers come in all different ways.  This isn't just a statement...  it's a challenge!  
You can provide your residents with many more services than your budget can hold.  Here are a few ideas...
  • Computer Help
  • Walker & Scooter Repairs
  • Eye Glasses Tightened & Watch & Hearing Aid Batteries
  • Handyman
  • Christmas Gift Wrapping & Sending
  • Ordering Groceries Online
We provide all these services through volunteers. 

Every month we change the theme of decorations in our Activity Center.  I even have volunteers that come in once a month to help with the take down & put away of the old and help bring out and put up the new.  This is especially a  huge help at Christmas time!

So where do you look for volunteers?  Well we have them calling all the time so if you don't... maybe you could advertise.  Advertise at local churches and start spreading the word.  Sometimes the best volunteers are your own family and friends.  We also get help occasionally from local schools.  The Student Government program requires volunteer hours for credits (I will use this help for putting up and taking down of decorations as I know it's not on a regular basis).  Many colleges also refer volunteers.  Send out a flyer in the paychecks that asks your employees if they may have family members that would be interested.
It is also very important for you to have an application process. If  you don't have an application, I encourage you to check out the web for help.  You will find  many applications by just typing in "volunteer application form" in Google.   Don't take anyone that can not commit to you for a period of time.  One time volunteers are sometimes more work then they're worth.  
Once a year we have a Volunteer Appreciation luncheon where we always recognize our Top Volunteers!

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